Why You Should Have ePapers in Your Sustainable Workplace

Why you should have ePapers in Your Sustainable Workplace

In the contemporary business landscape, adopting sustainable practices is crucial for long-term success. As organizations strive to meet ESG targets and address shifting consumer preferences, the need for sustainable practices becomes increasingly evident. McKinsey highlights that a sustainability strategy is essential for laying the groundwork for long-term investments. However, despite 90% of executives recognizing sustainability’s significance, only 60% of organizations have a sustainability strategy in place.

Unlock the Potential of Smart Office Technology

Smart office technology presents a comprehensive solution for developing eco-friendly workplaces. By automating tasks, optimizing energy usage, and providing real-time data, smart office technology cultivates a more intelligent, comfortable, and productive work environment for employees, all while reducing operational costs for companies. Achieving this requires hardware designed with sustainable technologies and practices from the get-go.

This article examines the challenges businesses encounter when creating a sustainable workplace and illustrates how ePaper signages purpose-built for desk and room booking can facilitate the transition. The aim is to decrease energy consumption, streamline operations, and introduce a scalable, reliable solution that enables businesses to create an exceptional smart office experience while meeting sustainability goals.

Roadblocks in Creating a Sustainable Office

Creating a greener workplace requires challenging existing systems and processes. This transformation can seem overwhelming due to several roadblocks such as:

Power-Hungry Infrastructure:

Older electronics often lack newer, more advanced power-saving technologies, leading to escalated utility bills, increased carbon emissions, and operational inefficiencies. Conventional LCDs and LED signages can act as hurdles in a company’s journey toward sustainability. A shocking 83% of emissions, according to LG’s publication, are generated while screens are operational.

One or two LCD or LED signages likely won’t make too much of a difference in terms of power consumption. However, the costs can quickly add up once when you’ve deployed multiple signages across the office. This is where ePaper signages stand out. Features like low power consumption and bistable display technology ensure minimal power usage when the ePaper is active, and power is only needed when the display updates.

Resource Mismanagement:

Inefficient usage of resources like paper, lights, and temperature control systems can inflate a company’s carbon footprint. Despite the embrace of solutions like digital signage, many businesses struggle to gain a comprehensive understanding of office space and resource utilization. Managing legacy systems or multiple disparate systems simultaneously often complicates the implementation of new solutions.

What’s needed here is a scalable and easily deployable solution that adapts to diverse needs while offering insight into resource usage efficiency. The solution should be able to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, ensuring quick deployment for minimal downtime and a user-friendly experience for employees to adapt quickly.

Evolving Employee Needs:

In the post-pandemic world, the demand for flexibility, hybrid offices, and remote work has increased substantially. In the U.S, studies indicate that 80% of workers wish to continue at least part-time remote work after the pandemic, attributing this preference to improved work-life balance and productivity.

Ignoring employee well-being and productivity could lead to revenue loss and retention difficulties. Cumbersome work processes can increase stress and workload, leading to burnout, decreased productivity, and higher healthcare costs for both employees and employers. Nowadays, employees increasingly expect workplaces to offer flexibility and would choose to leave for remote or hybrid work opportunities instead, while others resign for personal reasons, leading to challenges in acquiring great talent. 

Smart office solutions, like the ePaper signages, should seamlessly streamline processes and enhance productivity, liberating employees from mundane tasks and fostering morale. These solutions can help facilitate the transition of making hybrid offices permanent, contributing to employees making greener decisions and cutting down their commute time.

ePapers: Paving the Way for Greener Workplaces

Selecting the right solution is crucial in creating a sustainable workplace. What better solution than low-power-consuming ePaper signage? Qbic’s EP-0400 and EP-0700 come equipped with eco-friendly features to help businesses establish a greener workplace and achieve carbon-neutral goals:

  • Ultra-low power display, backlight-free design, and low-energy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Bistable display technology on ePapers can maintain content and images even without power, contributing to energy conservation.
  • Promote resource efficiency with a single battery charge that lasts for 3 years. * (*3-Year Battery Life with 5x refresh per day)

When considering sustainable solutions suitable for your business, deployment is often an overlooked factor. A difficult deployment and installation process can generate more waste, and an inconvenient solution may discourage employees from utilizing the signage. The Qbic team has crafted ePaper signage that seamlessly blends into any workplace and simplifies deployment:

  • Reduced construction and installation costs with a cable-free, battery-powered design.
  • Mount on any surface with various mounting options, including adhesive tape, desktop stands, and secure screw mounting.
  • Utilizing low-energy Bluetooth 5 technology, a Qbic Box PC and BT dongle can be used to seamlessly connect with the ePapers, facilitating remote administration and sustainable growth in the long run.

Creating an employee-centric workplace culture should be cultivated from the foundations, which means selecting the right equipment and fostering positive user experiences. The EP series makes this incredibly easy:

  • Improve visual comfort for office workers who stare at computer screens all day with ePapers’ lack of blue light emissions and backlight-free design.
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of unreadable room booking panels from an angle with the EP series’ wide-viewing angle, preventing image distortion or color shift for optimal group viewing experiences.

Why Choose Qbic?

Energy-efficient Technology for a Greener Workplace

Qbic’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is consistently reflected in our products, from energy-efficient smart panel PCs and box PCs designed with power-saving technologies like ARM-based processors to today’s ePaper EP-0400 and EP-0700.

Embedded in our company DNA, Qbic can provide businesses with workplace management solutions that deliver top-tier performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Designed for Longevity and Scalability

Qbic understands that cultivating a sustainable work culture requires time and effort. Encouraging employees to minimize commuting and adopt a hybrid work model can yield significant long-term benefits.

This design is also evident in our software, as we aim to provide consistent API support throughout devices in the same product line, allowing our customers and software partners to concentrate on innovating rather than the nitty-gritty details.

Over the years, Qbic has built a reputation for creating robust products and providing customer and product support beyond industry expectations. Qbic’s design team continued this tradition with the EP series, crafting it with longevity and scalability in mind, as we want our products to evolve in tandem with the growth and changing needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to rolling out the latest generational OS upgrades and patch support beyond industry standards. The updates ensure our products perform optimally, reducing the need for frequent hardware replacements and achieving better energy optimization.

As a 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award winner, we have thoroughly invested in our clients’ long-term success and the seamless expansion of our solutions as your organization grows.


Qbic is deeply committed to equipping smart, sustainable workplaces with cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious practices. We deliver solutions that optimize workplace efficiency and productivity and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

To learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can transform your workplace, get in touch with us here, and let us help you create a sustainable and efficient work environment tailored to your organization’s needs.

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