Qbic Technology simplifies hospitality demands, enhancing guest experiences and reducing operational costs. Our solutions enable room personalization and effective communication, ensuring comfort and efficient event management. With advanced security and health-focused features like our antimicrobial touchscreens, we ensure guest safety and well-being. Transform your hospitality journey with Qbic today.

Visitor Management / Self-Service

Qbic’s solutions create memorable experiences beyond services. Our devices feature NFC/RFID support and high-resolution cameras for effortless check-in/out and incorporate power-saving technologies like PIR sensors. Real-time updates ensure round-the-clock guest service, while built-in watchdog timers minimize downtime. Choose Qbic for a seamless, continuously updated guest journey.

  • Self-check-in/out
  • Restaurant queuing and amenity booking
  • Virtual concierge
solutions hospitality Visitor Management
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Guest Room Automation

Qbic enhances your hotel experience with solutions focused on guest comfort and security. Our KNX-compatible controls allow guests to personalize room ambiance and entertainment, while added identity verifications like facial recognition to enhance safety. Various mounting and stand options can accommodate guest preferences from anywhere in the room, and selected devices feature antimicrobial displays for a healthier environment. Trust Qbic for a secure, personalized, and enjoyable stay.

  • Personalized room control and infotainment
  • Access control
  • Intercom

Digital Signage

Qbic’s solutions seamlessly deliver important visitor information. Our compact box PCs power vivid, smooth displays, while our smart panel PCs and non-backlit e-papers ensure comfortable readability. Designed with wide-viewing angles, our solutions guarantee visibility from various distances and angles, making them ideal for busy environments. Deploy Qbic’s box PCs to capture attention and communicate effectively, elevating your visitor experience.

  • Marketing ads
  • Local news, tourist attraction information
  • Menu boards
  • Table reservations
  • Wayfinding
Solutions Hospitality Digital Signage
Solution Hospitality Room Booking

Meeting Room & Conference Room Booking

Qbic’s solutions streamline event organization by simplifying room booking and scheduling, offering real-time agenda updates via advanced connectivity. Our wide-angle display panels provide easier navigation and viewing experiences in crowded venues, while built-in NFC/RFID support on select panel PCs automates attendance tracking. Let Qbic elevate your event efficiency and attendee experience by redirecting manual efforts elsewhere.

  • Conference room signage
  • Meeting room signage
  • Event attendee attendance

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