Qbic Technology fosters creative learning environments with education-focused solutions. Our offerings range from 4K-ready players for stunning content display and versatile smart panel PCs, to compact desk book panels that transform any campus area into a bookable, measurable space. Enhance teaching and learning experiences for the digital natives of the next generation with Qbic’s suite of innovative solutions.

Attendance Tracking

Qbic’s smart panel PCs with built-in NFC/RFID streamline roll call by recording student attendance in real-time, reducing errors and manual effort. With PoE+ support and flexible mounting options, our solutions can be rapidly deployed, minimizing downtime and optimizing school administration processes. Enjoy seamless and efficient attendance management with our modern solutions.

  • Record and monitor student attendance
  • Automated attendance reporting
  • Ensure campus safety and security
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Solutions Office Desk Booking

Room / Desk Booking

Qbic’s solutions simplify study space bookings and secure access through seamless system integration and NFC/RFID technologies. Our visible LED indicators provide instant occupancy updates, while low-energy displays enable cost-effective information sharing around the clock. For example, our ever-popular TD-0350 desk booking device ensures durability in active student environments with its liquid-proof screen, offering peace of mind for long-term use in bustling study spaces.

  • Classroom scheduling management
  • Study space and equipment booking
  • Event management
  • Purpose-specific room management

Access Control

Boost campus security using NFC/RFID technology on select Qbic devices and Qbic’s video intercoms for authorized entry, backed by real-time audio-visual feedback. Our AI-enabled solutions, including facial recognition, on select devices ensure your facilities are future-proof, while versatile mounting allows installation in diverse locations. Experience enhanced campus safety with stringent access protocols through Qbic’s innovative solutions.

  • Campus space and equipment security
  • Safeguard crucial data and system access
  • Student dormitory access
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Digital Signage / Wayfinding

Harness the power of real-time digital signage in educational environments for enhanced information communications and campus navigation. Our robust, cost-effective solutions deliver vibrant, engaging content to students, staff, and visitors. Easily install our reliable devices in high-traffic areas, confident in their durability, low power consumption, and compact form factor – ideal for a bustling educational setting.

  • Campus announcements
  • Visitor management
  • Wayfinding and navigation
  • Campus menu display

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