As office trends evolve towards hybrid workspaces and hot desking, Qbic Technology provides bespoke facility management solutions. Aimed at optimizing space, streamlining processes, and boosting employee engagement, our solutions are trusted by established partners and Fortune 500 companies. Committed to improving workplace efficiency and engagement in dynamic environments, discover why Qbic’s innovative solutions are a preferred choice for the modern office.

Meeting Room Booking

Elevate productivity and streamline office management with our smart solutions. With Qbic’s advanced systems, meeting rooms are effectively booked and accessed, ensuring the right space for the right people at the right time. Our user-friendly indicators and panel PCs featuring crisp, wide-angle displays provide clear and quick availability checks, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

  • Scheduling and hosting team/client meetings
  • Organizing corporate training sessions
Solutions Office Desk Booking

Desk Booking

Qbic’s innovative desk booking solutions support flexible workspace models, promoting efficient transitions between workstations for a seamless, convenient experience. Our durable, compact devices facilitate uninterrupted collaboration and communication, adapting to your dynamic workplace needs. With Qbic, embrace efficiency in your flexible workspace model.

  • Implement workplace models (flex office, hot desking…etc)
  • Cross-functional team collaboration

Digital Signage

Harness the power of visual communication with Qbic’s robust digital signage solutions. Designed to impress, our affordable box PCs combine energy-efficient technologies for lively, real-time content delivery. These enhancements facilitate improved engagement and ensure continuous information flow within the workplace, keeping your workforce well-informed and connected.

  • Infotainment (welcome messages for visitors, company internal news and events)
  • Wayfindings
Solutions Office Digital Signage
Office Visitor Management

Visitor Management / Access Control

Qbic simplifies office safeguarding with smart panel PCs and video intercoms, combining convenience with advanced technology for streamlined visitor identification. Our adaptable systems blend into your space, with high-resolution visual and noise-reducing audio technologies enhancing communication clarity. Select Qbic devices come with AI-enhanced systems, including facial recognition, offering future-ready access control and an advanced security layer. Secure your offices with our award-winning solutions.

  • Security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Interactive and engaging visitor experience

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