Leading with Android 12: Qbic Devices Among the First In the Industry

Android 12 RTM News

Experience the best of Qbic Technology with our latest Android 12 update for select Qbic devices, as we continue to spearhead the industry as one of the pioneering enterprises to adopt this upgrade. 

This update underscores our ongoing commitment to building a smarter future and enhancing product longevity through timely software upgrades.

What’s New with Android 12 on Your Qbic Device?

Our top recommendation to all our valued partners and customers using the select Qbic devices is to upgrade to Android 12. 

Why? Here’s what you stand to gain:

  • Customized Android OS for Enterprise-Use: Qbic stands out in the market with our unique Android OS, crafted specifically for our products. For instance, our Android-based panel PCs are equipped with features such as Ethernet compatibility, enhancing their usability in a business environment.
  • Streamlined Time-to-Market: The Qbic Android comes with the Qbic Launcher that ensures consistent UX/UI across different OS versions, along with the Quick Development Kit, the Qbic API library for consistent software development. These tools simplify both the process of maintaining backward compatibility, and updating and migration tasks. Our goal is to reduce downtime and streamline time-to-market, allowing developers to channel their focus into innovating and developing new products.
  • Hardened Security: With Qbic’s Android 12 update, we bolster the security of selected Qbic devices by integrating the most recent security patches as of June 2023. As well, select Qbic devices come equipped with our award-winning Fortify+ security solution, providing our customers with robust protection against cybersecurity threats. You can explore more details about our Fortress Cyber Security Award win here. (For more information on whether your device supports Fortify+, contact your sales representative or get in touch with us at support@qbictechnology.com)
  • Long-Term Support: Our dedication to longevity translates into enduring support for our devices, a commitment that extends beyond hardware to include software support. This focus sets Qbic apart from many conventional Industrial PC (IPC) companies that traditionally undervalue software enhancements. Throughout the years, we’ve continuously updated Qbic Android OS to keep pace with industry trends. The Android 12 update is a cornerstone of our software development plan, ensuring customers the assurance that their devices will always remain ahead of the curve.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The Qbic Android 12 update comes with an array of smart features to help businesses achieve ESG goals and conserve energy. Features such as auto-dimming and scheduled shutdowns have been integrated into the firmware for select Qbic devices. Given the increasing attention businesses are directing towards diverse strategies for power cost reduction, opting for the Qbic Android 12 update represents a proactive move towards enhanced energy efficiency.

Take a step towards future-proofing your Qbic device – upgrade to Android 12 now!

The devices eligible for this update include:

Qbic partners and customers can begin the updating process today.

To download the firmware, please visit our support page; remember that you will need your login credentials. 

For any assistance or queries, feel free to contact our dedicated Support Team at support@qbictechnology.com

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