TD-0360 BookBuddy is Here to Redefine Your Flexible Hybrid Office

NEW TAIPEI, TAIWAN – November 8, 2023 – Qbic Technology proudly introduces the TD-0360 BookBuddy Desk Booking Smart Panel, a revolutionary addition to our desk booking lineup.

Building on the successful foundation of its award-winning predecessor, the TD-0350, this new model is the culmination of relentless innovation, sharpened by valuable user insights. The TD-0360 BookBuddy represents our unwavering commitment to reimagining the modern hybrid workspace.

As a visionary in space management solutions, Qbic Technology stands at the forefront, spearheading smart office offerings that resonate with the rapidly evolving dynamics of workplace management. The launch of the TD-0360 BookBuddy couldn’t be more timely, as organizations globally adapt to new models of smart office spaces in a post-pandemic landscape.

According to the Flex Index Flex Report Q3 2023, in the United States alone, the proportion of companies requiring full-time in-office work has dropped from 49% to 39%, signaling a significant shift toward fully flexible and structured hybrid workplaces. While smaller companies are leaning into a fully flexible model, larger organizations are increasingly adopting structured hybrid setups that mandate a minimum number of days in the office.

Vincent Chen, Director of Product Management at Qbic Technology, says, “Our proactive approach to emerging workplace trends allows us to present TD-0360 BookBuddy as the epitome of desk booking technology. We are poised to redefine the user experience in today’s increasingly agile and dynamic work settings.”

TD-0360 BookBuddy extends beyond the traditional boundaries of desk booking panels. With a user-centric design philosophy married to advanced technology, the TD-0360 addresses a myriad of challenges that modern workspaces face.

For companies that employ hot-desking or flexible seating arrangements, the TD-0360 BookBuddy’s compatibility with Apple Wallet and NFC/RFID cards is paramount in streamlining the reservation process. A simple tap with your smartphone or employee card is all you need to book or release a desk.

TD-0360 BookBuddy distinguishes itself with its On-Cell display technology. This features a vibrant spectrum of 16.2 million colors, further augmented by improved touch responsiveness, enriching the overall user interaction and experience. For maximum visibility, the device pairs a generous 170-degree viewing angle with customizable LED indicators for intuitive visual cues, allowing employees to assess desk availability even from distances effortlessly.

Incorporating a sleek yet robust cable management system, the TD-0360 BookBuddy ensures not just an uncluttered installation but also artfully conceals cables, and paves the way for versatile device orientation. The ingenuity of the design extends to its built-in tamper-resistant features, delivering an additional layer of security.

“Taking a cue from the success of our TD-0350, we’ve meticulously crafted the TD-0360 BookBuddy based on real user feedback,” says Jeremy Juan, Marketing Director at Qbic Technology. “The result is a product finely tuned to the challenges and needs of modern offices everywhere. With the TD-0360 BookBuddy, this is your chance to stay ahead of the curve.”

Qbic Technology invites potential clients to experience the advantages of the TD-0360 BookBuddy. Discover how this sleek, modern device can simplify your workspace management and elevate your operational efficiency.

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