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Get the most out of your Qbic displays! We integrated the TD-1050 Pro and TD-1070 to work with our door display solution. We use the camera, the card reader and the GPIO module for authorization and room access. Our solutions are easy to deploy, our support is the best you can get. We create new integrations to deliver a solution that fits perfectly. Compatible with Microsoft 365, Exchange, Google Workspace, .ics Ask for use-cases in visitor management and employee sign-in.

  • Authorize display access with PIN or NFC card swipe.
  • User rights can be defined in detail.
  • Have control over who’s booking or releasing a room.
  • Can be combined with lock control scenarios below.
Schedule Display - RFID NFC Support
Schedule Display - Bluetooth Lock
  • Unlock the door from the door display.
  • Wireless locks are connected via Bluetooth.
  • Behavior can be automated to fit the meeting schedule.
  • Auto-unlock or Auto-lock according to your scenario.
  • Third-party solutions for building access can be integrated.
  • Attendees receive a QR code to unlock the right door at the right time.
  • Save the budget for external readers, we utilize the camera of the Qbic display.
  • INTERACTIVE: Book Room, Check-in/Auto-Release, Release, Amenities, Status, Multi-Language, Secure Kiosk Mode
  • VIEWS: Multi-Room Overview, Lobby Flight Board, Layouts
  • ADMIN: Configure Groups, Remote Administration, Content Filtering, Monitoring, Usage Statistics, Access Rights
  • INTEGRATIONS: Sign-In and Visitor Management Solutions, Booking Website

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