UMMC-Health’s Upgrade with Secure and Versatile TD-1060 Slim


UMMC-Health is a comprehensive medical facility renowned for its broad range of services, including adult and pediatric clinics, surgical hospitals, a maternity hospital, a fertility center, medical rehabilitation, a children’s infectious disease department, and dentistry. This case study focuses on integrating smart technologies within the children’s department, a project led by the center’s IT department with collaboration from Qbic Technology’s TD-1060 Slim Smart Panels and IPmatika.


At UMMC-Health, the primary challenge was modernizing the control systems to manage various environmental settings within the hospital efficiently. Traditional systems were cumbersome, often requiring numerous buttons and switches, which increased complexity and inconvenienced patients and staff. There was also a need to improve patient-staff interaction without compromising privacy.

The initiative to innovate was sparked by an encounter UMMC-Health had at a European exhibition, where an Austrian company showcased a medical ward concept using a patient calling device and a ward tablet. While the concept was appealing, the proprietary nature of the solutions—closed off to third-party software integration—posed significant challenges.

Furthermore, the medical tablets initially used at UMMC-Health were not durable enough for the demanding hospital environment, leading to increased maintenance costs.

UMMC-Health acknowledged that this experience highlighted the critical need for panels specifically designed to withstand the daily rigors of healthcare environments. Such devices must possess robust hardware for enduring physical durability and advanced software that not only ensures reliable performance but also provides comprehensive protection of patient data.


In response to the challenges, UMMC-Health, guided by IPmatika, began exploring alternatives outside the traditional medical equipment sphere.

After evaluating various options, UMMC-Health selected the Qbic TD-1060 Slim Smart Panel, which fulfilled all specified hardware and software requirements as the centralized control system for the hospital.

The Qbic TD-1060 Slim is encased in a durable lightweight housing and features a 10-inch touchscreen with the screen layers adhered together, a method called direct bonding. This technique not only enhances durability by eliminating gaps but also ensures vibrant, true-to-life colors for improved visibility and interaction for both patients and medical staff. Additionally, its wide 170-degree viewing angle allows medical staff to easily view treatment plans or doctor notes from multiple perspectives.

Implementing TD-1060 Slim not only fulfilled the need for a more robust and user-friendly interface but also supported an enhanced Medical Information System (MIS), which offers real-time updates on patient schedules and treatments via PUSH notifications.  Seamless software integration with the TD-1060 Slim was facilitated by Qbic’s extensive API library and Quick Development Kit, which streamlined development time and simplified the customization process.

The TD-1060 Slim is equipped with a high-performance dual-band WiFi system that fully utilizes UMMC-Health’s extensive network. This allows healthcare professionals to efficiently update and display prescribed procedures and medications on the panels. Additionally, the support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for separate power supplies, resulting in a safer, cleaner, and more streamlined setup.

UMMC-Health also utilized the TD-1060 Slim’s robust network connectivity and vibrant display screens to improve patient engagement. After each doctor’s visit, a QR code was displayed on the tablet screens, encouraging patients to leave feedback about their experience. This feedback, once reviewed, was posted on the medical center’s website, aiding in the ongoing enhancement of service quality and patient satisfaction.

Additionally, with generational Android OS updates and the inclusion of Qbic Fortify+, an award-winning security solution, the TD-1060 Slim ensures a high level of data protection, contributing to UMMC-Health’s commitment to secure and efficient healthcare delivery.


The integration of the Qbic TD-1060 Slim Smart Panel at UMMC-Health has significantly elevated both patient care and operational effectiveness:

  1. Enhanced Patient Experience and Improved Communication: The Qbic TD-1060 Slim Smart Panels are equipped with high-quality 10-inch direct-bonded displays that deliver vibrant visuals, enhancing both the visual experience and engagement for patients. These panels not only support entertainment options but also feature real-time updates on treatment schedules and doctor notes, ensuring patients remain well-informed about their care progress during their hospital stay.

    Additionally, the real-time displays about the medical staff on duty aid in hospital navigation and enhance internal communication. These displays are easily visible from various angles within the ward, ensuring that crucial medical information is communicated clearly and effectively to patients, further enhancing their comfort and trust in the healthcare process.
  1. Increased Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: The durable, lightweight design of the TD-1060 Slim reduces the need for frequent replacements, lowering total cost of ownership and maintenance costs. Moreover, the use of the latest Android OS ensures long-term software compatibility and security, further driving down operational expenses.
  1. Rapid and Seamless Software Integration: Qbic’s open API, Quick Development Kit, and customizable features like full-screen startup mode ensure swift development and smooth integration with existing Medical Information Systems (MIS).
  1. Commitment to Patient Privacy and Data Security: With the incorporation of Qbic’s Fortify+, an award-winning security solution, UMMC-Health ensures top-level data protection. This commitment helps maintain trust and compliance in healthcare delivery, crucial for patient confidentiality and institutional integrity.


The collaboration between UMMC-Health, Qbic Technology, and IPmatika has redefined healthcare technology integration, setting new standards in efficiency and patient care. Building on this success, UMMC-Health is considering further enhancements with the Qbic TD-0350 Smart Panel to improve patient interaction and operational efficiency across its registries.

 Join us in shaping the future of healthcare. Get in contact with us or reach out to IPmatika to discover how Qbic’s smart panels can enhance your medical facility’s efficiency and patient satisfaction today.

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