Qbic Fortify+ Wins 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award

Qbic Fortify+ Cybersecurity Award

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN—May 31, 2023—The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Qbic Fortify+ has won the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Data Protection category. The industry awards program sought to identify and reward the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep our data and electronic assets safe from a growing threat from hackers.

Qbic Technology, an industry leader in high-performance, energy-efficient ARM-based smart solutions, is transforming global spaces with intelligent, sustainable devices and customizable ODM/DMS services. 2023 has been a phenomenal year of success for Qbic, with highlights such as the Excellence in Customer Service Award and now the Fortress Cyber Security Award win.

“Being awarded the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Data Protection is a powerful validation of our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ businesses and trust in our smart devices and solutions,” said David Chen, CEO of Qbic Technology. “We are dedicated to not only safeguarding our customers’ data but also their peace of mind.”

Qbic’s Fortify+ stands out as a premier solution for protecting data, regulating access, and securing the operating environment of enterprise-level hardware devices. It effectively addresses the intricate security needs often overlooked by industry contemporaries, integrating bespoke security features into our products and services.

The innovative force behind Qbic Fortify+, Neal Hsieh, states that the premium solution prioritizes device security in real-world scenarios, regulates access protocols, manages data utilization, and safeguards the environments in which devices operate.

Qbic Fortify+ integrates nine distinct fortifications across data, access, and operating environment, accompanied by three dedicated security checkpoints to deter breach attempts. Complementing this, Qbic pledges ongoing OS updates for Android, bolstering both the everyday functionality and security resilience of customers’ devices.

“We are so proud to name Qbic Fortify+ as a winner in the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “As our society continues to evolve and become more reliant on networks and data, companies like Qbic Technology are critical at providing the protection and trust consumers demand.”

For information about the Qbic Fortify+, please visit https://www.qbictechnology.com/latest-news/introducing-qbic-fortify. For information about the annual Fortress Cyber Security Awards, please visit https://www.bintelligence.com/awards/fortress-cybersecurity-award.

About Qbic Technology www.qbictechnology.com Qbic Technology (6825.TW), a pioneering force in high-performance, low-power ARM-based devices and solutions, revolutionizes spaces worldwide with smarter and eco-friendlier technologies. Qbic is uniquely positioned to cater to diverse industry needs with years of award-winning expertise in power-efficient ARM technology and more. Fueled by a strong commitment to excellence, Qbic is eager to offer comprehensive ODM/DMS services and deliver tailor-made intelligent devices and solutions that can transform clients’ visions into reality.

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