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BXP-300 Upgraded to Version W

BXP-300 got an upgrade to Version W

The BXP-300 just got an upgrade. With the upgrade known as version W. The BXP-300 is now available with OS Android 10. Don’t worry, it

Qbic products do not use the Apache Log4j

Qbic products do not use the Apache Log4j

Qbic Technology, hereby announces that Qbic products do not use the Apache Log4j software module and do not exhibit the CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability that was recently

Qbic Fortify+ Logo

Introducing Qbic Fortify

Announcing Qbic Fortify+, which provides easy integration of customized security features into products for secure-critical projects.

ISE 2019 Amsterdam

ISE 2019 Amsterdam

Qbic Technology will be presenting an array of Corporate Technology & Solutions at the ISE show in Amsterdam 2019.

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